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Playful learning with Little Chubbies!

Unleash your children’s creativity with our fun puzzles, drawing and painting exercises. Learn the alphabet while painting the letters with your favorite colors or count the figures with Chubby Penguin and Chubby Sea Lion. We have put together hours of fun and creative activities for you and your kids.


Engage your child's imagination:

Fun and educational activities for kids!

Engaging children in creative activities can have numerous benefits that go beyond just keeping them occupied. Our activities are designed to foster children’s development on multiple levels:

In conclusion, incorporating puzzles and drawing activities into your child's routine can have numerous benefits for their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development. These activities promote creativity, problem-solving skills, patience, and resilience, while also providing a screen-free and enjoyable outlet for their imaginations. So, encourage your child to solve puzzles and draw, and watch them thrive!